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Anonymous asked: so im not the best student, I have one F, a D, 2 Cs, one A & 2 Bs... How can I get these up? Im reaallyy lazy and are there any tips on getting caught up? I want to turn in all missing work in 2 weeks. Tips & motivation please?!? love your blog btw!!



Hi! Thank you for the compliment, firstly :)

Each person works at their own pace and with their own techniques. I think the best way would be to plan and pace your things realistically.

I would suggest this, keeping in mind that i don’t know your situation and this and ANYTHING will ONLY WORK IF YOU STAY COMMITTED AND DISCIPLINED. 

1. LISTING: Make a list of all your subjects and what you’re getting it them. From that, you can see which ones you need to improve on ( you’ll already know this in your head, but get it down on paper!!)

2. PREDICTION: From each subject, realistically think about what mark you can pull the present mark up to. For example, Pull the F to a C, a D to a B, or whatever you think you can. 

3. For each subject, list what you need to do. For example, assignments, their due dates, exams. 

4. The hardest part but also the most helpful: brain storm how to approach the subjects so that you finish what you need to do (3) and pull yourself up to your desired grades (2). and make a brief plan. The set up will be up to you. Here are some ones you can consider:

a) Daily schedule: pretty self-explanatory, it’s basically a daily schedule detailing where you are, what you need to do, etc. ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hour periods usually.

Pros: easy to keep on track, can clearly see what you’re doing and not waste time

Cons: not flexible - if anything sudden comes up the whole thing might go out the window, time consuming to make and plan, since it’s so detailed it may be hard to commit to.

b) To-do lists: I’m pretty lazy myself so it took me years to find out that hourly schedules just didn’t work for me, i wasn’t flexible enough and i always made excuses. If you’re like me, you may want to try making priority to-do lists (put the top 3-5 need to do things on the top of the list) 

Pros: crossing off things is fun!, simple and short, flexible - you can just write in anything you suddenly think of, doesn’t require you to do everything at a specific time so it may be easier to commit to

Cons: run the risk of writing more than necessary just for the satisfaction of crossing it off, may not be strict enough and make you think ‘oh i’ll do it tomorrow’, very short-term and doesn’t help you plan long-term things making it harder to know deadlines, etc.

c) Bullet journal: having a journal with a few lines for each day and a key/legend detailing what tasks are homework, events, to-do’s, etc. 

Pros: having the legend makes it visually easy to differentiate between homework, events, meetings, etc., can jot in things that are at a later date so you don’t forget, can have the satisfaction of crossing stuff off, not limited by time

Cons: can be time consuming to make if you use a lot of colours like i do, run the risk of being obsessed with jotting stuff down and crossing it off, gives only moderate awareness of due dates, deadlines, etc. <—  because of this, i use a monthly planner as well.

Personal preference:

The best method for me is to keep a bullet journal and a brief monthly planner so i don’t forget any important events (if you just send me another message i can post pictures of them). 


- Know you can only do your best, this is reassurance and motivation. Don’t stress too much as long as your trying your best, but make sure you really are trying your best and not slacking off (don’t beat yourself up if you do slack off sometimes, though - most of us are human!)

- MOST IMPORTANTLY: don’t rely on motivation, count to 3. It sounds like what you really need is DISCIPLINE. It’s the same for me, i heard it a lot ‘you have potential, you just need more discipline’. I would rely on motivation to get me through work but the sucky thing about motivation is that it can be hard to find and control. So learn to ditch motivation, rely on discipline. Motivation is the crappy mother that walks out on you and comes back after 20 years begging you to take her back, discipline is the reliable father who tried his best to raise you while making money to pay the bills - he may be strict but he brings love and rewards. My method: I often overthink things and end up making excuses as to why i don’t need to do that right now. I learnt this from ‘We’re the Millers’ - COUNT TO 3. Think about what you want briefly (eg. become Elle Woods). Think about how you get it briefly (eg. Get into Harvard law school). Think about what you need to do in order to get it (eg. do this assignment). Once you’ve got that thought in your head, START. DO IT. ‘JUST DO IT’. Don’t think, just do. Run to your pencil case, crawl out that pencil, lunge for your notebook, rip open the pages and START!

I hoped this helped :) thank you for the question  and if anyone has any other questions about time management and organisation from someone who struggles and has learned the hard way, please don’t hesitate to ask XD (and follow my blog)



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